Foreign mobile phone market HDI PCB orders continue to rise

Time: 2020-04-27 08:59:05

Author: amy

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In recent days, it has been reported that transasia, which dominates the mobile phone market in Africa, may also start placing orders with traditional HDI manufacturers due to the consideration of upg

In recent days, it has been reported that transasia, which dominates the mobile phone market in Africa, may also start placing orders with traditional HDI manufacturers due to the consideration of upgrading the internal motherboards of mobile phones.However, supply chain players believe that at this stage, large manufacturers may not have room to undertake low-end mobile phone motherboard orders, but small and medium-sized HDI companies will have the opportunity to obtain orders, especially in recent years to expand the capacity of HDI domestic tongchuangxin precision circuit co., LTD.

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HDI operators, whether large factories like xinxing, huatong, jianding, or medium-sized companies like yaohua and dingying, have not expanded their HDI capacity recently. The most important factor is the limited scale expansion of the overall HDI.

And the second-tier mobile phone brands, such as transasia, which focus on emerging markets, are unlikely to pursue an upgrade to the main board

Close to the HOV (huawei, OPPO, vivo) specifications, in view of the full capacity of the large factory HDI, to undertake orders with lower specifications of the motherboard is completely opposite to the strategic goal, more opportunities to benefit from, in fact, in recent years, actively want to gain a say in the field of HDI domestic small and medium-sized circuit board enterprises.

At present, the local PCB factory has the production technology of grade 3 or above in HDI, including dongshan precision, jingwang, shenghong, zhongjing, ultrasonic, founder, xingsen, tongchuangxin, etc., the number of manufacturers is not small, in addition to undertake the first-tier brands of low-end mobile phone orders, ODM factory is also an important source of orders.Supply chain operators believe that the fastest way to gain a voice in today's HDI market is to enter the mobile phone motherboard market, but that a certain amount of capacity is needed to support large orders.

For domestic PCB manufacturers, 2020 is likely to be a good year. Firstly, Korean companies such as Samsung Electronics and LG will withdraw from the HDI market, and Samsung will directly outsource the production of mid-end machines to domestic ODM manufacturers, which is equal to an additional market of 100 million directly.In addition, HOV's sub-brands have launched new machines in succession, coupled with the rumor that chuan Yin began to increase orders to HDI, and also began to look for ODM factory cooperation, so that the domestic PCB industry is expected to strive for more room for growth.

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(reference: Electronic daily)


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