Cheap Silicone Wax Container

Are you finding cheap silicone wax container? We have two type non-stick oil wax containers which are absolutely nothing will stick to these silicone jars. One is round wax containers and other one is square wax containers. each type have 5 color to choose. Silicone wax containers are completely BPA-free food-grade FDA-approved silicone. All you need to clean these oil slick nonstick jars is a little water and dish washing liquid. These oil jars are dishwasher, microwave and freezer safe. Each small silicone wax container has a lid that snaps on and twists off designed to last. Heat, freezer and shatter resistant. Silicone wax containers are store anything from lip balm, wax, gel, spices, pills, beads, etc. Carry them in your bag or in the car without spilling anything.

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