10mm Female Flowers Pattern Thick Based Quartz Bangers

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10mm Female Flowers Pattern Thick Based Quartz Bangers

It is a circular tobacco nail above, with a 90 degree bend handle, connects to a 10mm female switching interface.

It has flowers pattern at the bottom,and has a thicker base than others.

We have a wide variety of styles,you can choose your favor,or you can design for yourself.

If you like it,don’t hesitate,but you don’t like it you can look others.

For example,14mm female the flowers pattern thick based quartz bangers.



10mm Female Flowers Pattern Thick Based Quartz Bangers


A new style quartz banger 10mm female 90 degree.

the 10mm female flowers pattern thick based quartz bangers has a thicker bottom than others and has pattern on the wall.

This quartz banger is a dab tool for joint 10mm male for bongs.

If you used bongs,you should need quartz bangers to accelerate smoking frequency.

The banger is perfectly made and fits almost any dab rigs.

There is a laser pattern of a flowers engrave on the bottom, which adds aesthetic value to the quartz banger.

A well-designed quartz banger will greatly enhance the flavor of a great dab without the risk of damaging your bongs by heat.

The flat top guarantees that it goes well with almost any carb caps of all styles.

The thick bottom of this piece heats evenly and is of great heat retention performance.


Suggested Carb Caps:

According to the features and pros of this quartz nail, we recommend that you pair it up with the bubble cap, airflow cap, insert cap, etc.


Advantages :

1.Quartz banger is limpid,so it maintains a high quality of cleanliness.

2.Quartz banger is heat-resistant than other materials and less prone to cracking.And it make taste better.It is a good news for anyone like dabbing.

3.Our quartz banger is sold global.

4.We are wholesale production and with a large inventory.

5.We choose to trade offline,and it is so cheap.

6.We have a lot of logos.If you like which one,don’t hesitate.


Picture :

the front view :

10mm Female Flowers Pattern Thick Based Quartz Nails-2

the side view :

the top view :

the below view :

the pattern :

the joint :

10mm Female Flowers Pattern Thick Based Quartz Nails-1

Additional information

Quartz Banger Degree

45 Degree, 90 Degree


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